Sunday, 29 July 2007

The end is nigh

So, after thinking about it for a few days, I have decided that this blog is not really going in the direction I would like it to, so I won't be posting here any more. If anyone is interested in reading my new blog, feel free, but it won't be a 'medical' blog, but more of a 'thoughts about life' blog.

Oh dear, I sound like a hippie. Sorry.

Anyway, it's been fun being a medical blog, and I'll still read medical blogs, but I don't think I'm really contributing much and the confidentiality issues are far too complex, so I'm jumping ship!

so farewell, it's been fun. you are welcome to join me in the new world!


Cal said...

Oh my god, all this after I just spent the last ten minutes searching through the blogosphere for your blog!

Your new one had better be good...


dr_dyb said...

Having just found your blog, I can say it gave me hope that there is an end to the tunnel that is Med School, even if I will be 28 when i get there!

Anonymous said...

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