Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Vehicular bliss!

Aaaah, I am in love with my new car! It's soooooo nice, it is smooth and handles beautifully and it's so pretty, I am a happy girl!

Now, for those of you who are very observant, you may notice that this post has changed since you read it before...

Basically I was planning a big road trip down to Oxford to see a friend, then to Birmingham to see another friend and go to a funeral, but I'm having doubts...

I blame my mother really! She suggested that it might not be the wisest idea to drive for several hundred miles alone in a new car when the (quite considerable I've worked out) petrol money will be coming out of my overdraft. So I've thought about it and maybe she's right - I've never driven this far (I've only had my license 6 months after all) and perhaps it would be better to do it with someone else for the first time rather than on my own.

Anyway I haven't decided for definite yet, promise I will commit my indecisive self to something soon!

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Yay for the new car!! You may be driving a LONG way, but it's always better in a car that you love :)

Can I ask a dumb question? What is a junior doctor exactly? Is it the equivalent of an intern or a resident here?