Friday, 1 June 2007


Today has been an annoying day - or rather I have been annoyed by a lot of things, often very irrationally. Some things were not even worth mentioning, like my darling flatmate using all the milk so I didn't get any breakfast (I know I could have eaten something else, but I didn't have any bread!), and like waiting in a queue for ages for some free stuff from the BMA only to be told to go into the lecture theatre as the lecture was starting when I was 2 people from the front!

There were a few other things that really got me angry, but I don't want to mention them here really, they were just to do with attitudes, but it's not important and I'm positive I was more annoyed about them than I should have been!

It was a beautiful sunny day here, I went to lectures in the morning (which were very useful, we heard what our salary is going to be and I got dollar signs in my eyes!) and then had a gap in the afternoon before the Yearbook launch at 5pm, so I went round to visit some friends who live close to the hospital and sat in their garden - they are the only friends I have who have a garden, it's a luxury! Anyway, I sat and read in the sunshine for about 2 hours, it was very pleasant. Until I got inside and got my red vision back (you know how when you've been in the sun a long time you see everything bluey?!), and I looked at my shoulders and thought, oh dear, I look like a LOBSTER!!! 2 measley hours in the sun and I'm burnt to a crisp! Seriously, when I got home from the yearbook launch I had a shower (one of my friends said she heard if you have a hot shower it draws the heat out, I thought anything was worth a try but it doesn't work folks) then had to wander about in my bra for ages while the inch-thick layer of aftersun I smeared all over my shoulders dried in :-(

I'm an idiot, I KNOW that I burn easily, but here?! It's crazy. So I'm generating my own heat at the moment, and feeling sorry for myself - there are one or two patches that look like they might blister, so hopefully that won't happen, but I'll be an interesting shade of crimson for several days I think.

May as well make use of my thermogenic abilities...bacon, anyone?

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Cal said...

Ooooh, ouch!! Hope it gets better...

I've just stocked up on sun cream myself - Boots and Superdrug are both doing buy one get one free offers!