Thursday, 14 June 2007

Many, many things

Wow, it's been a crazy few days. I went to the grad ball extravaganza which was awesome but knackering, then the day after I got back I packed up my [mountains of!] stuff and moved house, which was not in the least bit fun and very knackering, and now I am surrounded by boxes and bags and stuff and I have to pack up and go again tomorrow!

For tomorrow, ladies and gents, I am going to the sun to see the lovely people again! I am really looking forward to seeing them, though I am not really looking forward to being sweaty all the time (it's very warm there) and I'm not particularly looking forward to the 5-and-a-half hour flight - I get bored! But when I get there, I will have a week of parent time and I can't wait.

I'm sad though, as well, because my friend was meant to be coming with me and due to (CRAPPY) circumstances (and medical school IDIOCY) beyond her control, she can't come. I amd GUTTED about this, as is she. Another friend was able to step in and buy the ticket which means nobody lost any money, so it worked out alright, but I feel so bad for my friend.

But I'm trying not to dwell on the guttedness, and I don't want the friend who is coming instead to feel bad about taking the ticket, so I will mention it no more. I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

For now, I found this silly quiz thing on this blog and thought I'd do it, just because I feel like it!

Two names you go by: Joey, Dr Joey

Two things you are wearing right now: Brown linen trousers, med school class of 2007 hoodie

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship: Trust and patience

Two of your favourite things to do: Walk barefoot in grass, take long showers

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
my first paycheck, my stuff to be magically unpacked and all the crap that I don't need chucked out or given away!

Two pets you have had: several guinea pigs, a rabbit

Two people I would like to do this: I don't really mind, and if my sitemeter is anything to go by then nobody actually reads this thing so I can say ANYTHING I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two things you did last night: unpacked some boxes, cooked dinner for my roomies

Two things you ate today:
chicken and mint imperials (not together)

Two people you last talked to: parentals and Matt The Roomie

Two things you are doing tomorrow: Going to a big post office to get a passport application form for my dad who is running out of pages in his despite it not expiring for another 5 years, and flying out to the sun

Two longest car rides: from Uni Town to Big City, then tomorrow from Big City to Even Bigger City to catch the plane

Two favourite holidays: Last summer's elective was pretty darned awesome. And I love Cairo too.

Two favourite beverages: Diet Coke and OJ with bits in!

So there you go people, I did this without being tagged too, but that's because I am a rebel. And I'm defying my sitemeter!

Anyhoo, I might post while in Sunland, otherwise see you in a week!


Elaine said...

Yes, write from the sun (well not the actual sun because then you would be crispy) so then I can feel like I am there... Glad you moved safely etc, I have been working hard (yawn) and tomorrow I get to hand in my portfolio :) have a lovely lovely time and I'll see you fairly soon. Elyx

Elaine said...

Also, wanted to ask... are those really the longest car journeys you've been on? Surely you've been south?!?

Dr Joey said...

no, not the longest ever, just recent long journeys! Probably the longest ever would include Edinburgh to Ypres on a bus, Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh on a minibus and various ridiculous Edinburgh to Sussex car trips. Also across the Rockies in a coach was pretty damn long too!

the little medic said...

Being a rebel is the way forward!
"first pay cheque" - haha, love it. (Me too, although its over a year away for me sadly)

Enjoy your hols

Elaine said...

That's good, I knew it couldn't be (knowing your travelling habits) but then was a bit confused... Hope you're having fun. Drop me a line and tell me all your exciting news. I'm bored out of my brain. I hate pharmacology!!