Friday, 6 April 2007

Home again home again quickety quick

...And boy, did it go quickly! Holidays always do, it must be a relativity thing. I'm missing the family lots now, but my brother lives (mostly) one city away, and I'm going back out to see the parents in June once the exams are dusted.

So now, back to the grindstone for the final hurdles of med school. I have one more block left, which unfortunately is surgical shadowing - I'm not a huge fan of surgery and consequently haven't done much this year, so I have forgotten lots of things that might come in handy in this block...better hit the books tomorrow.

I'm quite looking forward to getting back to a more practical clinical block - the last one (paeds) was clinical, but because it was with kids I didn't get to do anything, so I'm looking forward to getting to do some stuff in this block. Not least brush up my clinical skills - I've not examined a fully-grown patient since before Christmas so need to be better at that also given the speed at which August is approaching!

There are lots of niggling little things that I am worried about starting work - you'd think I'd be more worried about big things like cardiac arrests and stuff, but recently I've been dwelling on the little things. An example: what happens to discharge scripts after I write them?! Weird, I know, but I get asked to write them by the F1, so I do, and put them in the front of the notes, and somehow they get to the pharmacist/GP/filed in the notes, but how?! I'm just worried in case this is going to become my job and I haven't realised it...I keep imagining myself drowning in discharge scripts because I haven't worked out that it's my job to deal with them!

Yes, I realise I'm crazy, but I'm sure it's relatively normal to be stressed about starting a new job of any kind, let alone one where you can screw up really badly and people might die!

There are still some hoops to jump through before the real fun begins, which I'm not going to think about just now to preserve some modicum of sanity.

For now, it's Easter, which is a pretty big deal, so I'm going to try and spend some time over the next few days thinking about that. The pastor at the church my parents go to in Cyprus seems to think that in order to be holy you must be in church, so, this being holy week, he has held a service every day, including a watch-night last night and a three-hour service today, so my parents are feeling rather over-churched - think next year they will try to have a less-holy week!

So have a happy Easter, I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.

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