Tuesday, 24 April 2007

SALT leads to hypertension

I'm in a weird mood today. It's a combination of indignance, anger, grumpiness, despair and exhaustion. Here's why:

Indignance because today I called the speech and language therapists to try and arrange a time when I could go with one of them to see a patient so I can get it signed off on my evil record of achievement, since they have turned me down every time to date. The conversation went a little like this...

[Please note: the line was engaged the first 3 times I called and there was no answer the next 2, so I am already a little exasperated]
Me: Hello, I'm a final year medical student working on the surgical floor, I was wondering if there would be a convenient time for me to come and see a SALT assessment as part of my record of achievement.
Very Helpful SALT Lady: I'm sorry, we are very busy, we don't have time for you.
Me: Right...um...I appreciate that you are busy, I worked on the Stroke unit during my medical placement and they've agreed that it's ok that I try and see one of their patients so could I watch a swallow assessment?
VHSALTL: I know you have to get this signed off but we just don't have time to fit in all the medical students just now.
Me: Ok, is there a more convenient time for me to call back?
VHSALTL: No, I don't think there will be.
Me: Right. Thanks for your, um, help.
[Hangs up phone and screams with annoyance!]

So yeah, no speech therapy for me. I was hopping mad by the end of this (WARNING: rant coming) THIS IS A TEACHING HOSPITAL where people are supposed to be TAUGHT and how many times have juniors been yelled at by SALT for inappropriate referrals but how are we supposed to know how to refer if they persistantly refuse to teach us anything?!?!?! There are approximately 150 medical students in each year, and given that a third of these will have the good fortune to get their box signed on an out-block, that leaves a mere 100 students. SURELY the SALT people see more than 100 patients in a year, especially since (despite massive hints to the contrary) I'm pretty sure there is more than one speech therapist in our 900-bed unit.

This pretty much ruined my morning - I knew they were going to be arsy, but this takes the cake.

So that was emotion number one, and two.

Grumpiness: Partly boredom-induced I think (our ward has been displaced to what's left of the acute surgical admissions ward in which the HDU is currently being done up, while acute admissions go to what was our ward, leaving only the side rooms for our patients) - 5 patients for for 3 JHOs and 2 final year med students does not a busy day make. Especially when one of the patients discharged against medical advice, leaving only 5.

Despair at my persistant inability to be a size 10 - all my good intentions seem to desert me when there is food to be eaten or an extra 40 minutes in bed instead of exercising.

And exhaustion because I've not been sleeping too well, and 8am starts don't suit everyone.

Man, this is a gripey post, I do apologise. I'm off to browse free-standing boxing kit on which I am planning to spend some of my *eventually* hard-earned cash come September.

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Just dropped in to say a belated thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you don't think me too rude.
Also, I'd like to return the compliment. I don't drop by as often as I'd like, but am always rewarded when I do. Look forward to more

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