Monday, 9 April 2007


Sorry folks, has to be done:

Number one: why is it that whenever you have worn your jeans till they are the comfiest thing in the world do they need washing and come out all small and stiff so they are not comfy at all any more?!

Number two: more seriously, I am having Skype issues. I hate the thing, I really do. I use it to talk to my family abroad because it's free, but to be honest I think the makers should pay me to put up with it! It's just decided to cut out completely so I can hear my dad but he can't hear me, and when they can hear me it echos so loudly with whatever I'm saying but with a 2 second delay that I can barely string a sentence together, it's so offputting.

If my parents were oil tycoons as people assume when I say they work in the ME then maybe we could afford to use the good old telephone, but as it is we have to use Evil Skype.

And in case you hadn't guessed it, I HATE THE STUPID THING!!!!!!!!

Right, I'm going to restart this thing and see if it will work then.


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