Friday, 11 May 2007

Several things

Still feeling terrible about offending the flatmate, but the other flatmate says she has walking on eggshells all week so I should just put it all down to stress...haven't seen Offended Flatmate since the incident so hopefully she won't kill me when she comes home! Gah I can't wait to live with boys, they are so much easier, and next year one of the boys I'm living with is my brother, so no hassles there!

The portfolio got handed in today, which was a great relief - I'm so pleased to be rid of it! Again is was a great disappointment actually handing it over. Where was the parade? Where were the balloons? Where were the party poppers and the cake? I was very upset. All I got was, 'right. Fine. Next?'


I've got quite a sociable weekend coming up, which is great because I've been such a boring recluse recently. Tonight I'm going to a wine and cheese party for some friends who are leaving soon, which sounds very civilised, and it will be nice to see some people and chill out for a bit. Then tomorrow I'm going to another friend's birthday picnic, which will be awesome! I really hope it doesn't rain, it's been weird weather here recently.

So hopefully I'll get some chillout time this weekend, I'm reading a great book and I'm planning not to do much work if any until monday, when it starts again in earnest to prepare for the portfolio exam which is on the 24th.

What are your weekend plans? I hope you have fun...


Cal said...

Ooh, which book?

My weekend plans? Go over OSCE stations. Explain to a patient the ins and outs of using their inhaler and taking a peak flow measurement. Suture a laceration. Explain a colonoscopy/endoscopy/MRI/CT/bronchoscopy/ endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography/any other procedure. Examine a patient's cardiovascular system. Perform a neck exam. Do a breast exam. Please do a PR this mannequin. Examine this patient's respiratory system. Check the thyroid status of this patient. Describe this lump/bump/mass.


Joey said...

Oh dear Cal, that sucks! I remember the days...hopefully I don't have any more OSCEs to do!

The book is called 'Nineteen Minutes' by Jodi Picoult, she's awesome, I read her books so much faster than she writes them so I was very excited when I found she's written a new one!

Hope the OSCE stuff goes ok...xx