Monday, 7 May 2007

Terror again

Today has been a day of many things. First of all, I did an exam - it's not a major one, it's a computer assessment that we have sat every year since first year, and the idea is that we improve our percentage scores over the years until, in 5th year, we are meant to pass it. The pass mark is 70%, and last year I got 78%, so I wasn't that worried - I really hope it hasn't backfired on me! I did study for it, honest!

Secondly, I did some work on my portfolio, which is due on friday, and which was very boring but necessary.

Thirdly, I did some boxing and it felt awesome! Really enjoyed it as usual.

Fourthly, I GOT MY JOBS ALLOCATION which is really good to know, but TERRIFYING again! My scariest job would be to start in acute receiving, on nights, with the arrest bleep. And guess where I'm starting? Acute receiving. In Big City Infirmary. Ooooooooh I am so scared, I can't stop giggling! I really hope it's not on nights or with the arrest bleep. I may start throwing up now, with several weeks to go before starting!

So, the lowdown: 2 months in acute receiving with 2 months of GI medicine in Big City Infirmary, then 4 months general surgery in Big City Infirmary, then 4 months general medicine in Fairly Nearby DGH. So all in all, my ideal jobs! More medicine than surgery, some time in acute receiving, and some time in both a big teaching hospital and a DGH.

But man, am I scared!!

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Elaine said...

You've got more than a few week to throw up, just put it off until after graduation. It's not real til then! But glad you got what you would have wanted! Elyx