Thursday, 10 May 2007


I am feeling awful right now - I just really upset my flatmate and I had no idea, and now I feel terrible about it. It was just some careless comment I made days ago and had forgotten about, I mentioned Tchaikovsky and she said, 'who's Tchaikovsky' and I thought she was kidding and laughed, then teased her a bit about not having heard of Tchaikovsky, which I guess was mean, but I just thought it was a general knowledge thing not a specialist musical thing.

Then this evening she asked what work I had left to do now that my portfolio is finished (yes, finished!!) and I said I had to study for my viva which is 2 weeks today, and she asked if my viva exam is a written exam and I said no it's a viva and she got really upset and said she didn't know what a viva was and I was making her feel stupid and I feel AWFUL about it. I totally didn't mean to upset her, I didn't know that she didn't know what a viva was, do all courses not call interview-style exams vivas?

Anyway, I went and apologised and she said it was ok but I think she's still mad at me. I don't think she's stupid at all, but she seems to think I do, and apparently I haven't done much to convince her otherwise, but I had no idea.

Man, I am such a horrible person, I'm going to my room to hang my head in shame. What a bitch.

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Cal said...

Oh dear.... all very honest mistakes to make, though! It would have been the same if not even worse if that had happened with me...

I assume that everyone knows who Tchaikovsky is, and that everyone knows what vivas are, too!

Oh dear, it seems that maybe she just took it the wrong way? Hey, she should be grateful... at least she learnt two new things today...?

Yeah, I'm crap at comforting people...