Friday, 30 March 2007

Of locusts, sunshine and family

I am currently at large in Cyprus visiting these lovely people:

It's lovely to see the two in the back, they live here all the time but this year I will be seeing them lots which is lovely! It's nice and warm here and I am enjoying the sun [read: should have worn more sunscreen, look like a lobster] and reading lots and generally relaxing.

This morning the three lovely people and I took a trip to the north of this wee island which is Turkish, and which requires passports and stuff. It's very different over there, very Islamic and very run-down - lots of derelict hotels next to gorgeous stretches of beach, but because the land is still disputed (and in places pretty heavily mined), nobody goes there and it's in ruins. It's such a shame as it's so beautiful. There are minarets everywhere and the mosque called while we were in Famagusta - the sound is so familiar to me because of all the time I've spent in Cairo and Israel, it makes me feel at home [but does not make me wish to convert to Islam as my brother suggested!]. We also went to Salamis, where Paul and Silas landed about 2000 years ago [Acts ch 11 if you are interested] - although I suspect the jetty is somewhat more modern! The ruins of the Venetian city are awesome (in the true meaning of the word), and really shows how civilised life was then - they had running, heated water and everything!

Tonight we are off to Nicosea for dinner and Greek musical entertainment. I am looking forward to it as I have heard that there is a very ancient man who plays excellent violin, and for those of you who don't know, I am sometimes a violinist when the fancy takes me, so always like to hear others play!

Medically, I have a job which looks survivable, as MTAS kindly told me yesterday - but boy did they leave us hanging! It was very late here when I got the email, I was starting to panic! I am reading bits of my trusty Oxford Guide to the Foundation Programme (hereafter referred to as OGTTFP!) just to keep the stress at bay.

Right, I'm off to find some socks and get ready for tonight. Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

You're on holiday! Enjoy the sun, forget about the books! Medicine is generally nothing to worry about, you can get by knowing almost next to nothing as long as you seem semi-keen to learn (and can carry out things to a reasonable standard). I wish I was basking in the sun...Greek entertainment is always interesting, the men like skirts, as they do in Scotland, don't they?

Lena said...

hey jo! its good to see your enjoying yourself so much! i wish i could be somewhere under the hot sun or even near a nice sunny beach myself! :) happy easter!