Friday, 23 February 2007

Affirmative, SAH!!

Just got out of a lecture with the blood transfusion dude - he's the guy we call in a panic when our patients are bleeding all over the place and we really really need blood and we really really needed it five minutes ago but we wasted the time panicking! He's magic.

And he's a soldier, has been placed in Bazra and has seen A LOT of stuff. So he was teaching us how not to let your patient exsanguinate, how and what blood to give, how to get hold of it, etc., all very useful because soon this will be us, as we are eternally reminded by gleeful physicians who I think just like to watch the fear creep over our features.

We are listening intently and trying to make notes and take it all in when, breaking the silence, his phone rings with this tune...


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