Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Freaky Friday

Apologies for lack of posts over the weekend, it was a tough one.

Friday was a bit mental - was in A&E in the afternoon. It started off really quietly, so much so that I considered calling it a day and going home, but then it picked up in a BIG way. First was a known alcohol enthusiast who jumped out of a window and broke her pelvis, ribs, tib and fib, both ankles...nice. Then came an elderly lady found unconscious who seemed to have had a massive stroke or brain haemorrage or something - it was just a case of keeping her comfortable, not much could be done. Then came another elderly lady who collapsed in a shop - she was a full resuscitation case, so I got to do some CPR (first time on a real person, I was scared), but sadly she died. So a bit depressing all in all.

Saturday was good - went to see The Last King of Scotland with some friends. It was really well-acted and well-shot, I was very impressed. Not for the faint-hearted though, it's pretty gorey.

Sunday was a crazy day too - am having some family issues, with my grandparents needing support - my grandmother is going into hospital for some surgery tomorrow, and my grandfather is developing dementia and can't really cope on his own. Since my parents are abroad, I feel quite responsible for it all, but my uncle is going to go down and take care of my grandfather for the few days when he would have been on his own, so it's all working out. Pretty stressful though.

This week is full of essays and wrapping-up of this block, so posts may not be too interesting, but I'll do my best!

That's all folks, got another lecture.

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