Thursday, 22 February 2007

Brain Fog

Some days, you just don't know enough. Today, for me, was one of those days.

This morning I was in the high dependency unit for the ward round - only 5 patients but still took nearly 2 hours. So it was long, but it was okay, not too many difficult questions.

However, this afternoon I was in the intensive care unit being taught about acid-base balance (yes, non-medical people, it is about as interesting as it sounds) which, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not very good at. Basically we were taught about this kind of stuff years ago and I didn't get it, so I asked for help, but I still didn't get it, and then people got bored of me asking, so I stopped. And now it's not so much a case of failing exams if I don't understand it, it's more a case of people dying. D'oh. It is a fairly confusing subject, but my tiny brain just doesn't seem to be able to figure it out. A trip to the library ensued, and I am nearly at my book-loan limit.

Guess what I'll be doing tonight?!


Elaine said...

That's strange because I also learnt about acid-case balance. I find that it all starts to make sense as I finish the tutorial but 5 minutes later, it's gone again... rubbish!

Joey said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean! Really thought I'd got it by the end of the day but as soon as I got home, my mind was blank. Think the best thing to do is get the normal ABG values tatooed on your arm, and memorise your senior's bleep number!