Sunday, 25 March 2007

Blood, sweat and tears

This afternoon, after my run (yes! I went running! Twice in three days!) I spent some time wandering through the world of medical blogland. These poor medics, they have some ordeals! I was reading a blog by a chap known as The Angry Medic who is studying for exams in one of the posh English rowing-mad universities where they have The Suicide Watch patrolling the tower of one of the colleges and people have to queue for tables in the open-24-hours library during the holidays. From his blog I came across this quote:
Studying in medical school is like having sex while you are drunk. You never actually finish, you just keep going until it’s not worth it anymore.

...and I laughed so hard!!! It's so true, medical school is sooooooo long and so hard that we all wish we could get out, and while I have no experience of drunken sex I can appreciate the similie!

Portfolio time is looming - the final hurdle. I lived with a final year medic when I was in fourth year and so have seen the final product - it only just fit in a lever arch file, which should give some idea of how much work is involved! Unfortunately I am on my merry way to surgical shadowing (I'll do the rubbish jobs that the FY1s don't want to do and not get paid a penny for it, what joy) which won't leave a lot of time to produce pieces of work to go in the dreaded folder, so I will have to make the most of evenings and weekends when I'm not working. Oh, how glad I am that it's all over!

As for this week, I have two more days in paediatric oncology, then I am going to visit my parents in far off places in the sun for a week. Hurrah!

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