Saturday, 3 March 2007

What if I took the risk, would I be dismissed?

Went to watch my rock star brother play in Edinburgh last night - it was AWESOME!!!

For those who haven't been exposed to my ravings, he is the bassist in a great band called The Mars Patrol (no, they didn't copy, they had the name before snow patrol did!) - plug coming up - check out their official site (see my links) or their myspace to hear some

I haven't seen them play for a while, and now the band has a permanent drummer (the last few were fruitcakes!), so this was the first time I heard them as a four-piece for a while, and, all bias aside, I was really impressed! Not to mention a wee bit proud :-)

It's a bit surreal being in a packed-out venue with a load of strangers screaming your little brother's name though...

Today I went to the hospital in which I am hoping to work next year. [Never end a sentence in a preposition!] I got an unofficial guided tour with a good friend of mine who is a med student there and therefore knows his way around! I was really impressed, it's all really well laid out and nicely new and shiney - the wards system has the potential to be a tad confusing, but no more so than the hospital I currently spend most of my time in! I also ran into a friend from my med school who came here (Edinburgh) to work, and she had her FY1 with her who is doing the job I am hoping to do - it was really useful to grill her about various aspects of the job. She seems to like it, all in all, which is always good!

Am now back at home in my parents' house listening to the new Mars Patrol single, 'Hit the Lights' - GET IT, IT'S AMAZING!!!

Plug, anyone?!

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