Tuesday, 6 March 2007

MTAS - Medicine Torture Application Scam

The more I hear about the MTAS malarkey, the worse it all gets...

So far, the Panicking Junior Doctor Grapevine (PJDG) has reported people not getting interviews at all, people getting 2 interviews on the same day 500 miles apart, and consultants refusing to attend interviews at all because the whole thing is such a sham.

The most disturbing PJDG rumour is that if you are unsuccessful in your application the first time round, you can locum for a year, but if you are unsuccessful the second time, that's it. You can't apply for your chosen specialty any more. 2 strikes and you're out, on the next train to dermatology/urogynaecology/GUM. It's like saying, well done for training to be a geography teacher, unfortunately you must now teach maths.

I think this picture sums it up nicely.


Stuart said...

nice pic

Stuart said...

wow - its all political now!