Tuesday, 20 March 2007


The weekend was great, thanks for asking - how was yours?

The gig was great, Elaine's sister cooked a fantastic roast, and all was well. I'm shattered though, and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday was pretty normal, ward round, clinic, multi-disciplinary team meeting, essay work, hung out with a friend in the evening. Also another friend who I haven't talked to for ages called, it was good to talk to him and catch up.

This morning was a bit mental - both our team's registrars are away, one on nights, one on annual leave and the boss was away interviewing people in a different city, so it was just the F2, the associate specialist and me. Normally we don't have much to do on a ward round, but today we had a very young patient come in very sick, and she started to decompensate, so we spent all morning putting lines in her and giving various drugs and fluids to try and stabilise her, then spent a while on the phone to a major surgical centre trying to arrange a transfer and trying to find a registrar to go with her in the plane in case she gets sicker...all a bit fraught, and the boss will no doubt be on the phone this afternoon for all the news.

Got a presentation to give on Thursday about chemotherapy regimens and protocols for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, so am home this afternoon working on that. Wish me luck!

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Elaine said...

I hope you are working somewhat harder than I am... I seem to have spent most of the day faffing around on the internet! But now to a patient information sheet about oxycodone...